This is how campaigns works

A communication campaign pursues a clearly defined goal. The campaign aims to generate attention, shape behaviour and attitudes and strengthen image and reputation. There are numerous ways to reach this goal successfully.

This is how campaigns works

A communication campaign pursues a clearly defined goal. The campaign aims to generate attention, shape behaviour and attitudes and strengthen image and reputation. There are numerous ways to reach this goal successfully.

Choosing the communication channel seems difficult at first. The focus should be on the tools that have the greatest leverage. But at the same time, you have to ensure that the different measures are coordinated.

We point out possible tools and channels below using the REAL green-materials campaign developed by PRtools in 2017.

Campaign website

The website is the heart of the campaign. The entire content can be integrated in the website. This includes infographics, films, studies, instructions, and other content formats that provide an ideal overview of your campaign.

For the REAL green-materials campaign, PRtools developed a website that included different contents such as videos, explanations, media releases, competitions, registration tools and much more. The visitor numbers were checked through a regular analysis of the website with Google Analytics.

Social-media marketing

Social media is enjoying increasing love. Some favourite platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The company can nurture direct contact with customers through these channels.

In the context of the REAL green-materials campaign, PRtools organised an Instagram competition for youth and young adults. The account allowed the company to get in direct contact with followers and spread its desired message.

Media work

Media work is a traditional discipline in socially oriented communication. Content is taken over by the media at will and edited. The most important tools here are press releases, media releases, interviews, statements, etc.

A media release was sent to all regional and cantonal media before the campaign start in order to generate interest. Through targeted contact with media creators, the topic resonated regionally online and offline very well.


Advertising tools include advertisements, posters, ad placements and advertising banners, for example. Online ads are often more cost-effective than print ads. Depending on the provider, there are different requirements regarding the content and design of ads.

To advertise the Instagram competition, ads were placed on social media platforms as well as in the popular Ron Orp newsletter. The customer has decided not to use Facebook ads so far.

Advertising on transportation

Advertising on transportation can be costly, but it generates the greatest attention over a long period. Regional bus services offer advertising spaces of various sizes.

REAL Lucerne used its own green-materials lorry and had it covered with advertising that it produced for the campaign. The lorry reminded people of the topic during the entire campaign and cleverly referred them to the website.


Videos of all kinds generate a lot of attention. The company can present complex information in a digestible way and use the video for a variety of purposes: employee training, trade-fairs, events, attractive content on the website, etc.

PRtools produced the «Toni Grün» animated video. The key visual of Toni Grün appeared throughout the video and explained to the audience the importance of green-materials and how the green-materials cycle works. The animated video can be seen on the website, Youtube and during tours.


Flyers and brochures allow the company to present itself and its products. They are sent by mail, can be found at trade-fairs or are integrated in the website as a PDF. The style corresponds to the corporate design as with other advertisements.

The people of Lucerne were informed of the REAL green-materials campaign by mail with a flyer. It presented the aims, events, competitions and further information in a short and succinct way.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a surprising, creative way to do marketing. Unusual actions point out the company or the product and generate broad attention. The goal is for the message to be spread independently without repeated advertising.

The REAL green-materials campaign started with a Guerilla action. Containers for green materials were decorated with a sticker in selected communities of the REAL association area. The container received a green, orange or red sticker depending on the content of foreign materials.

Event marketing

Event marketing is based on experience-oriented communication. The guests are given information at an event and simultaneously inspired about a product or company. Events are based on emotions and unique experiences.

An event took place on 28 October 2017 at the end of the REAL green-materials campaign. The main attraction was a pumpkin wagon. During various tours in spring 2017, participants received everything necessary to plant a pumpkin. The heaviest pumpkin won an attractive prize.

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