Content Formats

Your customers seek you out with information that might be: relevant, helpful, educational, compelling, engaging and entertaining. Some like to read, some prefer watching videos or like to play, others enjoy being part of an event. That is why we talk about a multi-channel customer experience.

Content Formats

Your customers seek you out with information that might be: relevant, helpful, educational, compelling, engaging and entertaining. Some like to read, some prefer watching videos or like to play, others enjoy being part of an event. That is why we talk about a multi-channel customer experience.

Wether you go for a written short story or a video statement, the Content Marketing Format you choose can have a huge impact on your content’s success. But not only the choice of a specific format is important, also how good it is practiced. Every format needs special skills. It’s about shaping your content the right way.

Looking at content marketing the publishing way it is all about creating, managing and publishing across multiple platforms.

Choosing the right Content Formats is important. How do you know which one is the right one? By studying your customers. You only publish content that work for your customers and goals depending on the content they need at each possible stage in their overall customer journey. Because that’s what generates sales, improves customer satisfaction and enhances customer experiences and engagements.

Stage Customer Content Format
  • Investigate the issue
  • Prioritize the issue
  • Committing to a change
  • Research-based White Paper
  • Interactive White Paper
  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Quiz
  • Diagnostic Assessment Tools
  • Issue Video
  • Exploring possible solutions
  • Committing to a solution set
  • Justifying the decision
  • Solution Case Study
  • Video Testimonials
  • Solution oriented White Paper
  • Making the right product and service selection
  • Assuring that the solution represents best value
  • Feature / Function Comparison
  • Value oriented White Paper
  • Total Cost of Ownership Comparison Tool
  • Showing how to use solution
  • Showing new features
  • Giving background information
  • Customer Care Program
  • Webinar
  • Event

Customer Journey & Content Formats

Social becomes more important

We know the customer journey has changed and will keep changing. It includes more touchpoints via different channels than before or in many cases more contact moments. It has also become more social in the sense that people use more social mechanisms and networks than before. In B2B marketing most searches for content in the buying journey start on search engines. But, as research has shown, many B2B buyers and Consumers now use social, look for content during their journey and are what we like to call empowered customers.

Storytelling – the art of developing content

We like the approach to developing content that encapsulates the elements of storytelling. Whether the activity involves owned media such as a company blog or a pitch to a journalist, we’re applying storytelling techniques in the form of anecdotes, quantification, contrast, etc., that make the content more compelling. Good stories seduce and enthrall. They play with our emotions, lodge in our memories, guide our perceptions, help us understand. We also like visual content such as animated videos or infographics. As one of the first PR Agency in Switzerland we started producing animated videos at 2008 for internal and external communication. Find out more in our blog.

Websites and Applications that present your content best

We have done a lot of Responsive Websites and Apps over the years. We love to find the best technical way to present your content to the audience. Web development also matters for your content management. We work with Drupal and Word Press CMS and offer the following digital services:

  • Strategic site audits
  • Responsive web design
  • XHTML/CSS/Javascript coding
  • CMS specifications
  • SEO

What we did

Our projects

Online Markenauftritt Tertianum

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Tertianum ist der Schweizer Marktleader im Bereich Leben und Wohnen im Alter. PRtools ist für das Content Marketing und Redesign der Produkt- und Unternehmensseiten im Rahmen einer neuen Markenstrategie verantwortlich. Bisherige Markenauftritte werden zusammengeführt und Webinhalte vereinheitlicht. Zur SEO unterhält das PRtools Team einen Blog und neue Themenseiten. Zudem wird der Traffic mit SEA erhöht.

Webauftritt Weber-Vonesch

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Das Transportunternehmen Weber-Vonesch wünscht sich einen neuen Online Auftritt mit Zügelshop. PRtools gestaltet und programmiert für das Zuger Familienunternehmen eine moderne und benutzerfreundliche Website.

CMS Individuallösung für Tertianum

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Relaunch des kompletten Webauftrittes inklusive Unterseiten von rund 75 Standorten in der ganzen Schweiz. PRtools erstellt einen Administrationsbereich für Webmaster, der keine Vorkenntnisse im Bereich Content Management verlangt.

Online Marketing

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Das Seedamm Plaza beauftragt PRtools damit, die Bekanntheit des Hotels über Facebook und YouTube erhöhen. Auf diese Weise soll die Beziehung zu Kunden, Gästen und Mitarbeitern über Social Media gepflegt werden können.

Multimedia VBL Busordnung

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PRtools erhält den Auftrag, die Verhaltensregeln im Bus zu kommunizieren. Als primäres Medium wird der Traffic Media Screen eingesetzt. Ebenfalls genutzte Medien sind die Website, ein Facebook-Auftritt und TV-Spots.

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