Employer Branding

From attraction through engagement, we help you to connect employees and potential employees to your career opportunities, culture, and business goals. We do this through employer branding, recruitment marketing, internal communications and Online PR.

Employer Branding

From attraction through engagement, we help you to connect employees and potential employees to your career opportunities, culture, and business goals. We do this through employer branding, recruitment marketing, internal communications and Online PR.

Employer Branding is not a project, it is a process. It can be very helpful to get outside perspective and guidance from an agency to install that process and take the appropriate actions. Every company is different, but there are some issues and tools that are important for all of them. And don’t forget: employer branding is always aligned with your business goals.

Employer brand development – you don’t start from scratch

You already have a vision, values and a culture. They might even be communicated somehow. Your employees already have a certain attitude towards the company. Jobseekers might have preconceptions. The first step is to be aware of what you have got. For some companies not only an inside analysis but also a market research is necessary at that point. For the internal analysis PRtools uses a digital framework, which shows the results structured, visual and comparable.


Understand your local market and your target audience

You need to understand the drivers, motivators and influencer of employees and jobseekers. Trend Reports can help you. PRtools cooperates with myCareerGate to know, what employees of a certain sector in Switzerland are looking for. We provide you with these insights to shape your employer branding.

You need an Employer Value Proposition

Knowing your organization, market and audience you then define a unique set of benefits of working for your organization. It is the essence of your culture and very much connected to your corporate brand, mission, vision and values. How it is articulated may be slightly different for specific audiences, geographies or channels. The PRtools Team helps you to define and visualize this set of benefits. A very important component to your employer branding success is the development of a recognizable visual vocabulary. Through repeated use over time this will help build a recognizable framework for all employee communications.

Your employee communication follows the Employee Journey

We encourage all clients to map out their company’s employee journey. What is the typical path for employees in your company? There might be several distinct paths based on different employee roles and profiles. What are your key communication opportunities? Do you have any gaps? Who is playing the key role in various parts of the journey? And finally, how can teams leverage communication and workplace programs to increase strategic alignment? From that perspective, HR executives or communication professionals will manage the process and touchpoints more effective.

PRtools: Employer Branding - Employee Journey

Let’s take your value proposition from the paper to your employees

There are several key players in the employee journey beyond Too often companies fail to integrate and coordinate the efforts of internal communication, HR, IT, Marketing and C-Level to execute a consistent engagement strategy. For example, many companies even struggle to present a consistent, compelling message from recruitment through the interview process to the first day on the job.

You know that onboarding new employees is a major task, but do you run fix programs that connect your new hire with the tools and resources they need to quickly feel informed, connected and valued? Don’t wait until their start date. We help you you pre-board your new hire by creating welcome brochures and gift packages and micro-sites where new hires can download forms and useful information to make their first day more productive. Live orientation, videos and brand-value-cards can be part of the mix. And by the way: Offboarding is a chance for Employer Branding, too.

Communication tools in the talent management cycle

Employee communications are important, even in small businesses. Keeping employees informed about new products, customer wins, important appointments or new business opportunities builds positive attitudes and commitment. An important objective is to match the right content and channel for each of the key touchpoints. There are some helpful best practices for developing an internal communication program, but each company needs to define its own roadmap based on their employee preferences, workplace culture and other variables. And don’t forget: Recruiting good people is one thing. Keeping them is another.

You can use newsletters or an employee page or the PRtools Employee App to publish relevant company news. We developed this smartphone App because most intranet are overloaded. It is about short messaging and sharing images of employee events and getting feedbacks. Do you like to know more about the PRtools Employee App?


What we did

Our projects

Employer Branding Schindler Lernende

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PRtools wird damit beauftragt, die Schindler Berufsbildung und ihr attraktives Lehrstellen-Angebot vorzustellen. Bestehende Kommunikationsplattformen werden mit neuen digitalen Elementen ergänzen.

Employer Branding Karriere bei Schindler: Konzeption und Durchführung einer mehrmonatigen Employer Branding Offensive mit redaktionellen und planerischen Arbeiten inklusive Medienarbeit

Karriere bei Schindler

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Die Schindler Schweiz AG beauftragt PRtools mit der Konzeption und Durchführung einer mehrmonatigen «Employer Branding Offensive». Die Aktion beinhaltet redaktionelle und planerische Arbeiten und viel Medienarbeit.

Employer Branding Film

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Das Seedamm Plaza gewinnt den ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence 2010. Im Hinblick auf die Preisverleihung realisiert PRtools den Animationsfilm «Gut drauf» zur Unternehmenskultur des innovativen Betriebs.

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