Positive images with the help of media work

Despite an increase in digitalisation, media work is still highly valued within company communication. It’s what defines how a company is perceived - by employees, customers, and competitors. Daniela Obrecht, Owner and CEO of PRtools, explains what media work requires these days and why the perspective of an agency is helpful in the video interview below.

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Content marketing: Make your website show your expertise

Where is the first place your customers look for products and services? Online. What company do they choose when they need something? The one with the most expertise. Your own professional blog can be especially convincing in this regard and is excellent for content marketing.

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AdWords – This is how to make your campaign a success

You’ve put the effort into starting an AdWords campaign, invested a lot in creative text advertisements and banners, but your website has hardly any more viewers than before? You really wanted to use the campaign to stimulate sales of your newest product in your online shop, but it just isn’t working? Find out more now about how to make your next AdWords campaign a success.

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Corporate Storytelling: Nothing to tell? That’s impossible!

Many companies think they don’t have anything to talk about that would interest their target groups. We can assure you, there are stories hiding in every company - you just have to look hard enough. That’s exactly what Sibylle does in her video which she created as part of her further education.

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Get new leads and customers with landing page marketing

Landing pages are web pages which are tailor-made for a specific user need. They allow you to present a quick overview of desired information and services to a potential new customer. That way, engaging content generates more leads, new customers, and additional turnover.

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How a corporate blog emphasises your professional expertise

Goolge’s search engine shows the ten best search results on its first page. In addition to clean programming and targeted links, the content strategy is especially important in the struggle for this space. Corporate blogs are becoming an increasingly important form of content.

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Create a YouTube channel: Your business will benefit

YouTube is the second-largest search engine next to Google. The video-sharing platform provides more than just entertainment. Your target groups also use YouTube to search for information. Does your company appear in the search results with relevant videos?

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This is how you set the cornerstone for your content-marketing strategy

The benefits of content marketing have been known for a long time: Companies acquire new customers, nurture contact with existing customers and achieve a better search-engine ranking. Content marketing also supports the positive image and reputation of the company, Successful content marketing is based on an ingenious strategy. A clear, one-page plan is a helpful start.

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This is how campaigns works

A communication campaign pursues a clearly defined goal. The campaign aims to generate attention, shape behaviour and attitudes and strengthen image and reputation. There are numerous ways to reach this goal successfully.

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5 tips for successful employer branding

It’s nothing new: With targeted employer branding, you can secure new employees and make existing employees more enthusiastic about the company. But despite the clear benefits, few companies professionally implement employer branding. The pressure to act causes this failure in many companies.

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